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Spec to Chip/System Design Consulting and Service

Idea to ASIC and System Solution

Custom FPGA, ASIC, SoC Design
More than 30 times of ASIC/SoC Design experience, 20 chips were

on mass production (DTV, Home Theater, MCU, Surveillance)

Successful Development in ASIC Design categories
  - DSPs (Digital Signal Processor)
  - Microprocessors (RISC, CISC)
  - Digital IPs and ASIC/SoC
  - Digital Amplifier Technology (Digital Class-D Amplifier)
  - H.264 video codec and 2D/3D conversion

· MPEG Video & Audio Algorithm Implementation Experience.
· Deep Knowledge on System On Chip.
· Expertise on ASIC VHDL, Verilog, C Language and Assembly Coding
· Expertise on ASIC Synthesis & Static Timing Analysis, DFT
· Expertise on ASIC Simulation
· Expertise on FPAG Synthesis & Emulation

Custom Digital IP Design
Provide custom ASIC design services and
System-On-Chip design services from concept to silicon.

- AMBA BUS System Implementation
- AXI/AHB/APB Bus interface Peri. IPs
- Memory Controller IP
- Video/Image processing IPs
- Customized Fast Serial/Parallel IF IP

Physical Design
More than 90 times tapeout,
Over 60 mass production experience.

· Rich P&R experience in 28nm ~ 0.35um process
· Various Foundry experience
· Expertise on semi-custom and auto P&R
· Expertise on full  flow of ASIC design, from RTL to physical design
· Experience on full-custom Layout : SRAM, IO, Flash -

  Memory Controller, OSC, etc


BLDC Motor Control SoC


16/32 bit DSP/MCU core optimized for complex single cycle operations for real-time BLDC motor control algorithms.
Wired / Wireless External Interface 


Achieve higher system performance with dedicated PWM block controlling PWM phase, duty cycle, period and dead time.



Accurately sample signals with 12bit ~ 16bit resolution ADC, rates up to 12.5MSPS


Output Power Stage
5V ~ 85V BCDMOS Gate Drive


​External Interface
UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, etc (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, USB)

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